The Axe Bat has been hailed as a breakthrough across all levels of play from youth to the pros. This is the first bat built from end-to-end to give the player a distinct advantage at the plate. Thousands of hours of research have been devoted to the Axe concept; fine tuning everything from the handle to the barrel. We're convinced there is no better bat on the market in terms of performance and comfort!


The Handle

The Axe is the first and ONLY bat on the market that's designed to fit your hands. Recent studies confirm that the Axe:

1) Is more comfortable
2) Delivers a more efficient power transfer
3) Increases bat speed through additional barrel acceleration
4) Reduces hamate bone/ulnar nerve injuries and incidents of thrown bats

Fact #1: The Axe is more comfortable than a traditional round knob

The Axe delivers the first ergonomic grip in the history of the game. In the past, bats were manufactured on a lathe which was the only technology at the time. Looking at the diagram below, we can see how the knob negatively impacts the batter due to the way it's held. There are several points where the knob pushes and rubs into the batters hand. In turn, this creates more friction during the swing and restricts the hitters range of motion. If you've ever had a bruise, blister, or marks on your palm after batting, it's due to the handle as shown here.

The Axe handle, shown on the far right, features a completely flush backside and eliminates this singular point of contact within your palm. This reduces the amount of friction and gives you a completely unrestricted range of motion, allowing you to get full extension without the knob digging into your palm. By matching the contours and angles of your hand, the handle evenly distributes grip pressure over a larger portion of the palm, meaning there's far fewer pressure points between the palm and the handle.

Fact #2: The Axe delivers a more efficient power transfer

Compared to a round knob, the Axe allows you to have a more stable grip with less tension, which results in a more fluid transfer of power. The swing starts with your body, transfers through your arms, and into the bat. Due to the knob, the actual contact with the palm is limited to a very small area. The knob, as shown below, doesn't allow the player to get a full 'closed' grip on the bat, resulting in a significant amount of energy lost throughout the course of the swing. The gap shown requires the player to increase their grip tension in order to overcome instability and transfer full power to the barrel.

By removing the gaps, as shown below, the Axe handle allows the player to transfer maximum power to the bat with less restriction. The asymmetric handle evenly distributes grip pressure and increases the amount of contact with the handle, resulting in increased swing speed and more power transferred to the bat.

Fact #3: The Axe creates additional bat speed

In addition to a more efficient power transfer, the Axe allows players to create additional bat speed through increased whip. The flush backside and ergonomic angles of the Axe allows the player to grip the bat with less effort. This more natural grip results in a significant decrease in the amount of muscle tension in the hands and forearms. By reducing the amount of muscle tension dedicated to grip the bat, more is available to accelerate and build barrel velocity as the wrists flex during the swing.

As seen above, the Axe puts the wrist in a more neutral position through the course of the swing. By eliminating the negative contact found when using a traditional knob, the same amount of force moves the barrel a greater distance. This provides the hitter with 15-20 additional degrees of additional whip and a larger area in which to accelerate the barrel of the bat. This creates greater bat speed at the point of contact. 

Fact #4: The Axe Bat reduces injuries and thrown bats

High speed cameras reveal a 'hammering' motion while swinging a traditional round knob. When the bat hits the ball, the knob violently bounces back and forth between the palm and fingertips. This puts an immense amount of strain on several points within the hand. Many ball players, including several prominent pro players, have broken their hamate bone due to this occurrence. Furthermore, direct pressure is applied to the ulnar nerve which is responsible for thrown bats. Once that gets pinched, the hand immediately loosens and the bat flies onto the field or into the stands.

When swinging the Axe handle compared to a traditional knob, the amount of movement upon contact is greatly reduced which makes it easier to control and lowers the risk of injury. Like mentioned above, there is no singular point of contact within the palm, allowing the force to be evenly distributed throughout the hand.

In the first video, we can see the impact the traditional knob has on contact.

Compare the above video to the Axe handle video below-- the amount of movement is GREATLY reduced, resulting in a decreased risk of injury and increased bat control!


From the videos above, it's clear the the Axe is a safer and more beneficial alternative to the traditional handle. Credit to the full study 'Biomechanical Study of the New Axe Handle Baseball Bats and Comparison with Standard Round Knob Bats' - Vijay Gupta, Ph.D. You can read the full study here.

The Barrel

Although years of design and innovation went into the handle, we spent equally as much time developing the barrel of all Axe bats to ensure maximum performance and durability. We manufacture everything from one-piece alloy bats to two-piece composite bats in both baseball, fastpitch, and slowpitch.


One-Sided Hitting & The Engineered Hitting Zone

“Don’t you always hit the same side of the bat?” This is the first question we are asked when someone sees the Axe for the first time. The answer is, fortunately yes! Knowing the direction the ball will be coming from is a huge advantage for our engineers. We’re able to make our barrels more like a golf driver than a traditional bat, with a hitting side and a non-hitting side. This allows us to use asymmetric internal barrel constructions that add more performance and durability to the hitting face than any round handled bat ever could.

The Axe Bat’s Engineered Hitting Zone (the 270° portion of the bat lefties and righties hit) is designed to perform closer to the legal limit than any other bat on the market.  Also, without having to worry about a player hitting on the non-hitting side, we can brace performance improving technologies like Plus-Plus and ACR off that side of the barrel. This advantage is only achievable because of the Axe.


Barrel Material and Performance

All Axe Bats are equipped with the highest grade materials on the market. Our Avenge series line feature a 2-piece BCP™ Composite material which has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. It also features a toughened composite matrix that's more resilient and durable than competitors composites. This allows us to make an unbelievably balanced bat with amazing pop and durability.

Our Elite series features a 2-piece BCP™ Composite handle with an LP2™ Scandium barrel. This is a military-grade alloy that is shaped and machined to maximize performance, reduce weight, and increase durability. The composite handle allows for more flex to maximize whip at the point of contact.

Our Element series features a one-piece LP2™ Scandium profile. This resilient material allows us to machine a bat with fantastic performance, weight, and durability. These bats have a stiff handle which is preferred by power hitters.

Our Phenom/Danielle Lawrie series bats feature a one-piece LP1™ Scandium profile. This is an advanced material with a slightly higher weight than the LP2™ scandium, but all bats still have a massive sweet spot and unrivaled durability.

All Axe Bats feature a 1-year manufacturers warranty.