BBCOR-stamped and approved for high school and collegiate play. Each BBCOR bat features the patented Axe Handle swing advantage for more bat speed and swing consistency. Our better materials also mean more performance and durability. In 2017, two Axe BBCOR swinging schools won National Championships in NCAA/NAIA Baseball. Are you next?

2018 Avenge Composite (-3) BBCOR


OUR BEST BAT. A premium composite bat with a massive barrel, giving peak performance and durability.

• 2-Piece
• Full BCP Composite
• Composite Hyperwhip
• Endogrid Sting Stop

L140F – Available in 31”, 32”, 33”, and 34”

2018 Elite Hybrid (-3) BBCOR


OUR BEST POWER BAT. A premium alloy barrel for big power, with a flex tuned composite handle for speed and whip.

• 2-Piece
• Premium Mantic Alloy Barrel
• Composite Handle
• Carbon Hyperwhip

• Endogrid Sting Stopping

L130F – Available in 31”, 32”, 33”, and 34”

2018 HyperWhip Fusion (-3) BBCOR


It’s 3″ composite fusion tip makes it the most technologically advanced bat ever made. The control and feel of a 1-piece, with a massive barrel and light swing weight typically only seen in a 2-piece composite.

• 1-Piece Fusion
• Premium Mantic Alloy
• 3″ Composite Barrel Hyperwhip
• Endogrid Sting Stop

L138F – Available in 31″, 32″, 33″ and 34″

2018 Element Alloy (-3) BBCOR


Our 1-piece workhorse that is the best bang for the buck in the game. You get a huge premium barrel, ready to hit for power out of the wrapper.

• 1-Piece
• Premium Mantic Alloy
• Hyperwhip Endcap
• Endogrid Sting Stop

L137F – Available in 31″, 32″, 33″ and 34″



Mookie Betts Pro Maple Game Model 


Mookie’s pro maple Axe game model to his exact specs.

• 271 Barrel Profile
• Grade-A Pro Maple
• High End Performance Finish

L122F – Available in 32″, 33″, and 34″