Who Swings Axe?

Axe is approved for use everywhere. Players at all levels of Baseball, Fastpitch, and Softball, are seeing performance increases when they swing our technology. To date, more than 35 major league players, including All-Star Mookie Betts – a leading candidate for MVP of the American League – have made the switch to an Axe-handled bat in the regular season.

Players swinging the Axe have logged more than 3,500 major league at-bats, more than 1,000 hits, including nearly 400 extra-base hits; collectively, they are batting nearly 30 points better, and slugging 50 points better, than the league average. In college baseball, Axe Bats are used exclusively by winning programs at every level of the NCAA and NAIA.

Isn’t it time you made the switch, too?


Mookie Betts’ 2016 Season Stats (Using Axe Full Time)

Pro Players In-Game Axe Bat Stats


Highlighted programs exclusively swinging Axe Bat.


Axe Bats Approved Everywhere

Axe Bats are approved for all levels including Pro, collegiate, high school, and amateur play across Baseball, Fastpitch, and Slowpitch.





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