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Axe Bat Short Trainer powered by Driveline Baseball

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Axe Bat Short Trainer powered by Driveline

You asked for it, we delivered. The Short Trainer is a 28"/31oz alloy 2-5/8" bat that can be used with a live pitch! It is developed to help improve posture, barrel control and swing sequencing. The short length, with the heavy weight of the bat helps you get a better feel for how your body and barrel move in the swing. Perfect for BBCOR age hitters and teams. This bat is for the big boys and unlike anything you have ever swung.

  • 28" in length, 31 ounces in weight, 2-5/8" Alloy barrel
  • Can be used vs live pitching
  • Short training bat (28”) for developing posture, height adjustability, letting the ball get deep, barrel awareness and targeting swing flaws; heavy weight and short length of bat helps you get a better feel for how your body and barrel move together during the swing
  • Provides immediate feedback for how to move more efficiently, and forces you to generate bat speed from the ground up, using the bigger muscles in your legs and hips
  • Comes with 24 weeks of guided training programs (12 weeks in-season, 12 weeks out-of-season / beginner and advanced) from Driveline Baseball
  • Nine different illustrated drills with detailed descriptions explaining how to perform each routine correctly
  • Patented Axe™ Handle provides a more stable grip, so you can swing faster with more control
  • 2-5/8” alloy barrel
  • Recommended for high level youth, BBCOR, high school, and college hitters
  • 120-day limited warranty
  • This items is not a 30-Day Challenge item

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