Axe Barrel Control Swing Trainer 22"

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Product Details:

  • Hardwood composite construction
  • Composite foam handle with rubberized coating provides comfortable, secure grip
  • Patented Axe Handle improves bat control, reduces hand fatigue, and aligns bottom hand in power position while training
  • Encourages optimal barrel precision for hitters of all ages and abilities
  • 22"

Who is it for?

  • Hitters looking to master their ability to make consistent contact on the sweet spot, as well as coaches, parents and instructors who can add this patented bat to their training regimen. 

Two-handed 22" Axe Handle Training Bat to master barrel awareness, control, feel and path.

There might be nothing more important in mastering your swing than being able to consistently control your barrel to hit the ball on the sweet spot. Now you can take one of the secrets Axe Big Leaguers use in their everyday routines to improve barrel awareness, feel and precision.

This 22" maple composite barrel trainer features our patented Axe Handle and is sized to allow any hitter to take swings with both hands on the bat. Using the Axe Barrel Trainer in tee work and light soft toss, the reduced barrel size improves barrel awareness and fixes path issues faster than almost any drill can. You will quickly feel the difference after a round with our Axe Barrel Trainer when you go back to your game Axe Bat.

Own your swing today.

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