We built the Axe Bat for you, the hitter, because we believe the bat designs you’ve inherited are inherently flawed and hinder your best performance. We built it for you, the hitter, because we believe in the power of science and modern technology to inform and improve design. We built it because you deserve better than the round knobs, blistered hands and broken hamate bones you’ve been given. The Axe Bat proves there’s a better way to hit. Everything about it, from the ergonomic handle to the angled end cap, has been designed to support the biomechanics of the swing and enhance the natural ability of the hitter.

It represents a bold break from tradition, but our company, Baden Sports, has never been afraid of thinking differently when it comes to improving the game for the player. This is what we do. It’s the reason we were founded in 1979, and why many of our prior innovations for balls and equipment have now become industry standards.

We see the same thing happening today with the Axe Bat.

The story starts in the woods of upstate New York, where Bruce Leinert, a local woodworker and tradesman, had an epiphany while swinging his axe against a cedar tree. He noticed how similar the motion felt to a baseball swing, and how natural the axe handle felt in his hands. His mind began spinning and he hurried to a nearby sawmill for a piece of wood, then home to make the first prototype in his woodshop. Leinert brought the idea to Baden Sports in 2009. The concept fit perfectly with our mission to create products that improve the game for the player. So we acquired exclusive rights to Leinert’s idea, then set to work refining the handle. We carefully studied the biomechanics of the swing and looked closely at the ergonomics of the handle, making countless tiny adjustments until the knob and handle blended seamlessly with the hand. We borrowed from the latest in materials science, developed new technologies for one-sided hitting, and introduced asymmetric constructions that looked and performed like nothing the industry has ever seen.

In short, we threw ourselves completely into making the Axe Bat your competitive advantage.

Today, the Axe Bat is approved for play at all levels of baseball and softball. We offer a full line of metal, composite and wood bats, so players of all ages and abilities can benefit. College baseball programs around the country are swinging it, as are some of the best hitters in the major leagues, and professionals overseas. It’s even on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

But this is a story that’s only beginning. It needs you, the hitter, to finish.

If you’re obsessed with performance, if you believe your bat ought to help your swing, not hinder it, if you’d rather set trends than follow them, we invite you to try the Axe Bat today and meet the future of your pastime.