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2016 Avenge L140C (-3)

$429.99 $299.99

  • Two-piece BCP™ Composite construction merges a massive barrel with a balanced swing weight, giving hitters more bat speed while maintaining the largest sweet spot possible
  • ACR™ insert adds strength, performance and durability to the directional barrel, the first of its kind in BBCOR
  • New Endogrid™ knob eliminates unnecessary perimeter weight and reduces vibrations in the bottom hand, delivering our most comfortable swing yet
  • Flex-tuned handle gives the perfect balance of whip and vibration reduction
  • One-year warranty – BBCOR-certified, 2-5/8” barrel
  • Who’s it for?: Players who want a balanced swing and elongated barrel with the whip of a two-piece
SKU: L140C