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2017 Element 137E (-3) BBCOR Baseball

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Product Details:

  • One-piece alloy construction features our strongest Mantic™ alloy, formulated for performance and durability with one-sided hitting
  • Angled HyperWhip™ Cap slopes away from the barrel’s Directional Hitting Face, eliminating unnecessary weight from the non-hitting side for improved balance and maximum bat speed
  • Patented Axe handle scientifically proven to transfer power more efficiently, enable maximum bat speed, and reduce the risk of hand injuries commonly associated with the swing
  • Endogrid™ handle reduces vibrations to the bottom hand for greater comfort
  • BBCOR-certified, 2-5/8” barrel
  • One-year warranty

Who is it for?

  • Players seeking a BBCOR-certified bat with an end-loaded swing weight, and who prefer the stiffness and feedback of a one-piece, alloy construction.
SKU: L137E

1 review for 2017 Element 137E (-3) BBCOR Baseball

  1. 5 out of 5


    It is a real shame that these less expensive bats don’t get much love these days. My 2016 element was purchased as a batting-cage bat, because I don’t want to subject my expensive composites to all those yellow-ball impacts, but hand pain is a real concern in the 80+ MPH cages I prefer.

    I’ll be frank. I don’t think my Element “hits” notably better than any other aluminum bat I own, including those I swung as a kid. Look past the marketing hype, and they all swing and hit pretty equally well. But my element FEELS good when I’m 15 or 20 quarters deep in an evening session, and that is pretty priceless when I’m just trying to get my 200 cuts in.

    Here is what the bat offers that others don’t: The Axe Handle. Yes, I’m a believer. I’ve been playing consistently for 24 years now at one level or another… High school, some college, wood bat leagues, you name it, and the handle DOES make a difference in comfort and all-around utility.

    And, while this may be true of many (or all, I don’t know) aluminum bats, this thing has stood up to the thousands of evil yellow ball batting-cage impacts I have thrown at it in a season, and the darned thing still hits fine. It is ugly as all hell, but it swings and hits like the day I bought it. If you’re looking to spend a ton of money on the bat that has “the most technology” (hogwash), go right ahead and spend your $400+ to pay for the marketing team. If you are looking for the most comfortable workhorse money can buy, I think you’re looking at a winner.

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