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Axe Handle Concept

Why the Axe handle?
The Axe wasn’t an accidental or arbitrary design. Over 150 years ago, when baseball bats were first made, the only technology available was a lathe. Because a lathe spins a bat on an axis, the entire bat had to be round, including the knob and handle. Now we have the ability to manufacture the handle in a way that makes the most sense for the hitter. Now, every curve and angle is bio-mechanically superior to the old, round knob, and every other bat on the market.
What are the benefits of the Axe handle when compared to the traditional knob?
There are many benefits to performance, comfort and injury prevention. See The Science Behind the Axe for more details.
Do you make a bat with a traditional knob? Why not?
No. We believe the ergonomic Axe knob is the future of baseball and softball, and it provides all of the benefits to the hitter that the round knob simply does not.
How am I supposed to hold the Axe?
The pinky finger should wrap around the front hook portion of the Axe knob, while the bottom of the knob is flush with the base of your palm. The handle should feel natural and comfortable in your hands.
Do you have any professional baseball players swinging the Axe bat?
Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies and several minor league players. "I changed to the Axe because of the bio-mechanics. I wouldn't be using the Axe if I didn't believe it was a better bat." - Jimmy Rollins

Barrel Technology

How does your barrel's pop compare to that of the competition?
Our barrels are as good or better than any bat on the market. The Axe; has the most pop allowed within the restrictive performance standards now in place at all levels of baseball and softball.
What’s the difference in the all alloy, composite handle/alloy barrel, and the full composite bat?
One piece alloy provides a stiffer swing. Two piece composite handle / alloy barrel gives the player a little more whip and more comfort. Full composite: Carbon fiber has the highest strength to weight ratio of any material on the planet. Composite barrels allow us to make the most balanced bat with the largest barrel.
Is the composite handle/composite barrel hotter than the alloy barrels?
All bats are at the maximum performance limit.
Since you cannot rotate the Axe from swing to swing, does that affect the performance of the bat as it pertains to breaking in composite barrels and handles?
Composite barrels break in because the carbon fibers flex and bend on a microscopic level. One sided hitting actually helps our bats break in more quickly.

One-Sided Hitting

I notice with the Axe, you will be hitting only on one side of the bat. Will the Axe wear out more quickly than your competitors' bats?
No. Because we know where the ball will hit the bat, we can focus our construction on that portion of the bat - what we call the Engineered Hitting Zone. Round knob bats have to make their bat durable from every direction; we're able to fine-tune and perfect one hitting face.
Because the Axe requires one-sided hitting, what do you do differently than other manufacturers to ensure durability and good pop?
Depending on barrel material, we utilize several different technologies to achieve one sided hitting:
  • Composite: Our composite bats use ++ technology. ++ uses additional layers of carbon fiber in the hitting zone, literally making the barrel thicker where the ball strikes. To maximize the performance, we added an asymmetric ‘C’ shaped slip plane which makes this thick hitting wall perform like two very hot thin walls.
  • Alloy: We use military grade LP Scandium Alloy that has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio. We then use a proprietary combination of swedging and machining to put pop and durability in the hitting zone, and shave weight everywhere else. One-sided hitting lets us maximize pop, durability and balance in a single bat.
Is there a different Axe bat for right and left handed players?
No, our bat is designed for both lefties and righties.
Where is the engineered hitting zone?
Regardless if you’re a lefty or a righty, you will only hit the Axe on a 330° portion of the barrel. This is the ‘Engineered Hitting Zone.’ The top of the bat (the 30° non-hitting portion of the barrel) is the only area of the bat not designed for maximum performance and durability. On the Axe the ball only makes contact with the “sweet spot” and ours is as big or bigger than anybody’s.
Is the bat dead on the backside of the engineered hitting zone?
Is the back side of a golf club dead? The back of our bat is not meant to be hit off of, and our barrel technology uses the ‘non-hitting’ side to increase performance and durability on the hitting side. Hitting off the back of the bat won’t give you a performance advantage and will accelerate the rate the bat wears out.
Will the bat wear out more quickly or break if hit on the back side of the bat?
The back of the bat is not made for hitting. The bat could break more quickly and will not perform to our high standards.
What kind of warranty does Baden offer?
One-year, one-time warranty on all alloy and composite bats. 90-day warranty on the composite wood bats, and no warranty on single-piece wood bats. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the Axe worry-free.