The Axe Bat introduces tomorrow’s technology to today’s player. Every inch, from the axe-shaped handle to the angled end cap, is engineered for bold performance. Experience more comfort. Transfer more power. Achieve more bat speed. All while training longer, safer. This is the most efficient swing you’ll ever take. Your cutting-edge advantage. This is the future of your pastime.



Swing Bold.

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Swing Fearless.

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Swing First.

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Angled Front

The front of the Axe handle puts the bat in your fingertips and gives you more natural leverage. Puts your wrists in the correct position to make the most solid contact possible. Proven to decrease time to impact and increase exit velocity.

Flush Backside

The flush backside promotes a freer swing and release meaning you can train harder, longer. No pressure on your palm/hamate bone decreases friction between your hand and bat allowing a more comfortable, ergonomic grip and swing.

One-Sided Hitting Barrel

All Axe Bats are engineered to be hit on one side of the barrel. This is a major benefit for our engineers as they’re able to dial in the performance and durability since we know exactly where you’ll be making contact each and every swing.

Hyperwhip™ End Cap

The Hyperwhip™ end cap removes unnecessary weight from the end of the barrel, allowing us to reallocate that weight across the entirety of the bat meaning more balance and a larger sweet spot.