Listen Up: At-Home Training To Improve Your Bat Speed While Waiting For The Season To Start

Listen Up: At-Home Training To Improve Your Bat Speed While Waiting For The Season To Start

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While the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on organized sports (and every other aspect of normal life), it's not stopping players at all levels from making individual improvements to their game.

Our own Branden Berry dropped by the Patrick Jones Baseball podcast this week to talk about a range of topics, including how hitters can keep their swings in shape and get better while waiting out this pandemic.

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Berry, a former college and pro player, discussed the use of weighted training bats -- such as the Axe Bat Speed Trainers -- in improving bat speed, swing path, and movement.

The overload/underload training principles, he said, are no different than the ones used by elite track athletes.

"World-class sprinters, what are they doing to increase their speed? They're going to be hooking themselves up to a sled that has a bunch of weight on it; they're going to be doing sprints with a sled behind them pulling the sled with more weight on it.

But then they're going to reverse that and do some downhill speed sprints where their body is moving quickly, running downhill, and they're going to feel what it feels like to run faster.

I kind of equate that to the Speed Trainers. We're doing (the same thing), but we're putting different implements in your hand to help you (train). Rather than being a sprinter, we're taking a baseball or softball swing."

All Axe Bat Speed Trainers, including the new Long and Short Trainers, come with 24 weeks of guided training from Driveline Baseball for use in- or out-of-season.

Driveline's internal study found hitters gained an average of +4.8 mph in exit velocity in the first eight weeks of the Speed Trainer program. Start today and there's still time to see those gains pay off this summer.

Find the Axe Bat Speed Trainers that are right for you.

Be sure to check out the full podcast and subscribe. Listeners of this episode also will hear a limited-time promo code -- good for 25% off all Axe Bat training products purchased on, and available only through Patrick Jones Baseball.