4 Keys Why Axe Is Better For Baseball And Softball

4 Keys Why Axe Is Better For Baseball And Softball

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What attributes of the Axe Handle give it such superior performance over a round-knob bat? Let's show you the four attributes to the design that give it all of its benefits.

1. The bottom hand is on an oval shape

Why is oval better? The bottom handle oval shape keeps the handle in the fingertips, allows you to have the maximum amount of grip with the least amount of tension in your forearms and hands. 

What does that do for your swing? It means you are spending less energy and strength gripping the bat, and you have more strength available for swinging the bat and accelerating the barrel through the zone.

Offset oval of Axe Handle

2. Top hand is independent

Why is this important? We understood that your hands have to move independently of each other through the swing. You don't want your hands locked into the same position. They need to be able to dynamically move.

What does it do for your swing? This allows you to get dynamic power transfer from the bottom of your feet all the way through your body, palms of your hand, out to the point on the barrel where you're impacting the ball.

Hands move independently on Axe Handle

3. Angled bottom design

Why is this important? If you look at the way your hand is when your wrist is in a neutral position, it's not perpendicular to the rest of your arm. It has a slight angle. We've matched that angle with the bottom of the Axe Handle.

What does it do for your swing? That puts your wrist in a more neutral position, allowing for greater in-plane rotation and more power transfer.

Shape of Axe Handle

4. Flush backside design

Why is this important? If you look at the back of the Axe Bat, it is almost a less restrictive line from the top of the grip to the end of the bat.

What does it do for your swing? This allows the Axe Handle to create a contiguous contact between your hand and the bat. This takes away the impingement and the stress risers that a round-knob bat put in your hand -- and, again, allow you to grip the bat less tightly, but still generate more power, which translates to more power transfer out at the end of the bat.

Flush back side on Axe Handle

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