Axe Army Spotlight: Bud Elwin

Axe Army Spotlight: Bud Elwin

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Published by Jake Perlmutter, Pro Hit Rep

Bud Elwin is 83 years old and still living his childhood dream of playing baseball in a Red Sox uniform. As a lifelong fan, Bud soon gets the chance to suit-up and play in the Red Sox Fantasy Camp and, of course, will have his Axe Bat with him!

Growing up in Somerville, Massachusetts, just a few miles from the legendary Fenway Park, Bud loved to play stickball, among other sports, as a young boy while pretending the local playground was actually Fenway. The first year Little League became available in his hometown, 12-year old Bud was eager to sign up for a team. Started at first base and pitched some too! Bud says he had a mean fastball so we’ll have to take his word for it. He would go on and play in Legion and high school ball and, like many of us, continued his playing career on the slowpitch softball field. Bud just loves the game, plain and simple. And who might his favorite player be? Well, that would be the one and only, Ted Williams, who actually used to train with an axe in his offseason workouts to promote proper swing mechanics.

Fast-forward to 2010, Bud’s wife took him to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. As he passed through the halls of history, Bud decided he wanted to partake in the Red Sox Fantasy Camp and put on that coveted Red Sox jersey. He would soon receive the invite to partake and play in front of current and past players at the one and only, Fenway Park in Boston. Once in a lifetime opportunity for our friend, Bud. Or was it? Bud has now been three times, with his fourth coming up in January. The winner of the “Mr. Hustle” award has been invited back for his fourth time at 83 years old and we are certain he will make the most of his opportunity. Travelling down in his car with license plate that reads, “Axe Bat”, along with his actual Axe Bat, bat bag and gear, Bud will make the trek down to Fort Myers, FL to play at the Red Sox Spring Training complex and looks to improve on his .333 batting average in the Red Sox Fantasy Camps. Until January, Bud will continue to train and swing his Axe Bat every day. “The Axe handle gives me a very secure feel and helps me hold my hands properly and the handle just feels very comfortable,” says Bud. We’re just glad the Axe handle can support so many different types of players!

Please join us as we wish Bud good luck at the Red Sox camp in January 2023 and his future endeavors!

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Photo Credits to Paula Roberts