Axe Bat Partner Spotlight: Arizona Peaches

Q: First, can you tell us a little about the Peaches organization?

A: The peaches are the only all girl’s baseball club in Arizona. I started the peaches 7 years ago for my daughter Leighton when she was playing tee ball. Since then, we have grown to a 16 team club spanning 6 divisions at the Eastvalley Baseball League plus select tournament teams that play in all girls tournaments around the country.

Q: And what's your role and how have you seen that expand over the recent years?

A: I am the founder and president of the club

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Axe Bat?

A: The Peaches chose to partner with Axe bat for a few reasons. The first one being the variety of bats Axe has. From tee ball players all the way to competitive tournament players Axe bat has the length, weight and price for everyone in my program. They also carry USSSA and USA bats. My older tournament players need access to both types of bats for league play and their girls’ tournaments.

Q: What makes the Peaches different than other baseball organizations?

A:  The peaches are different because we are all girls. We are a grass roots development program, but we also have elite competitive teams. No matter your skill level we will have roster spot for a girl that wants to play baseball.

Q: How are you helping develop your athletes?

A: We are helping to develop our athletes by providing them with proper coaching and access to the right equipment to help them get better.


Q: How did you get involved with Axe Bat?

A: I was introduced to Axe bat by my husband Jeremy Accardo. He is a retired professional player and now professional coach. He fell in love with Axe bat the moment he held one and he immediately knew these would e great bats for my girls’ program.

Q: What are the Peaches players and staff most excited about in partnering with Axe Bat and swinging the new bats?

A: For starters I think our girls are excited that we have an official bat partner. I think it makes them feel like professionals 😊. For me, I’m excited to be able to offer the girls a good quality bat that is going to perform at the highest ability.

Q: What has been the biggest impact your hitters have seen since switching to the Axe handle?

A: Their bat bath has improved tremendously. I think at the grass roots level where our girls need a lot of basic fundamentals, it is a lot easier for the coaches because the handle does a lot of the work for them. 

Q: Have your players seen performance improvements after switching to Axe Bat?

A: We’ve seen a massive improvement in the girl’s swing. With the Axe handle lining up their hands so well the swing has naturally improved. Their bat path looks great!

Q: In addition to using the latest technology, how are the Peaches evolving to meet the needs of today's player?

A: The Peaches don’t have a lot of technology at our disposal like a lot of the boys clubs do. Despite having the older competitive teams, we are still a grassroots organization that is committed to providing baseball opportunities to girls. The needs of our players are met by making sure they get better at the game they love while having fun in the process.