Axe Coaches Testimonials - Your Best Season Starts With Axe Bat

Axe Coaches Testimonials - Your Best Season Starts With Axe Bat

Trevor Stocking |

Axe Coaches Testimonials - Your Best Season Starts With Axe Bat

Youth Baseball Coach talks about the advantages Axe bats give his players.


The first time I held an Axe Bat was when I bought it for my son. We read about the Axe Handle and said, “Ah, that makes a lot of sense,” and we bought one and just feeling it in your hands and immediately you could just be like, “why did it take so long for people to invent this.” It’s awesome to be able to try them for no-risk, for 30-days.

 When they started swinging them, I could just tell immediately more balls were driven over the infield, we’re getting around on pitches way better, and that the Axe Handle really increased the bat speed and helped us get around on those inside pitches. Parents see my son swinging the Axe Bat and ask about it, I tell them the benefits and that literally with just the Axe Handle they are going to be able to increase their bat speed and we’ve got over half of the team switched to Axe Bat.

Round knob is like old technology. If you feel the Axe Handle, it’s like it’s made for your hands and there’s benefits like we just know kids are going to roll over less, they are going to drive those balls over the infield into the gaps way more consistently than with any round knob.

As a coach, I think it gives my team a competitive advantage. There’s an Axe Bat for anything, we know the benefits with launch angle, bat speed, it’s going to bring to your team that extra bit of confidence. I know through training and everything and when we get to game time that we’re going have a leg up on the competition. I wish I had those benefits of the Axe Handle growing up.