Introducing Clemson's Jonathan French Official Axe College Athlete

Introducing Clemson's Jonathan French Official Axe College Athlete

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Introducing Clemson's Jonathan French, official Axe College Athlete. Jonathan French is the starting catcher for one of the top D1 programs in the country. Let's welcome Jonathan to #TeamAxe. We are excited to see his performance in the 2022 season.

#9 Jonathan French

C | So. | 5-10 | Clemson | 230 | Lilburn, GA | Parkview HS 

Drafted 2019 Cleveland

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Get To Know Axe College Athlete Jonathan French

Jonathan French Interview:

Axe: What’s one hitting tip you would give younger kids?

Jonathan: Try and hit the ball as hard as you can off the center field wall every time.

Axe: Biggest tip for kids aspiring to play collegiate baseball?

JonathanDon't get caught up in other’s achievements, sure going to an all-American/all-star game is a great accomplishment but it isn’t everything. Once you step onto a college campus that all goes away, so just focus on your game and keep working hard for what you want for your future.   

Axe: What are the highlights of playing D1 baseball?

JonathanThe competition. Getting to go out and compete against the best of the best is a privilege. 

Axe: How does the Axe Handle help your swing?

Jonathan: The Axe Handle allows me to stay palm-up palm-down in my swing which gives me a more efficient swing path.

Axe: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Jonathan: It has always been Yadier Molina, he’s the GOAT. 

Axe: Favorite pro baseball team?

Jonathan: Boston Red Sox

Axe: What is your favorite Axe model? Why?

Jonathan: The 2022 Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR is my bat. I feel like it's the most balanced bat I've swung with a ton of pop.

Axe: If you could hit a home run off one pro pitcher, who would it be?

JonathanJacob DeGrom, you have to always to go after the best. 

Axe: What do you love most about hitting a baseball?

Jonathan: I love the weightless feeling when you square the ball up.

Axe: What music do you listen to while training? 

Jonathan: I like to listen to Billy Joel. It’s something I can sing to.  


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