Introducing the Zane Migues Maxload Inferno USSSA


Introducing the Zane Migues Inferno Maxload USSSA Player Model   

Our First Axe Slowpitch Pro Player Model

  • 13 Inch Barrel Length 
  • 1.5 Ounce Maxload Power Barrel 
  • Max Limit Performance 
  • Low Compression Out of the Wrapper 
  • Holds Compression, Optimizes Rebound 
  • Ultra-Stiff Handle 
  • Axe Standard O.G Slowpitch Handle 

Zane Migues In His Own Words:  

Why Max Loaded & O.G. Handle? 

As I came into this company, I started with the Flared 13-inch barrel. Loved it but I started swinging the original handle and the tables turned. This handle fits my swing to the max. The leverage I am able to get in my swing is unmatched to any other bat. So, we got down to building exactly what we wanted in a bat. I like a very heavy max endload. Well, the Zane Migues Inferno is just that. You get a 13” power barrel with 1.5 oz. Maxload and O.G Handle. With the handle and that endload the bat swings itself but still has all the control. From baseball to now I always believed the more mass behind the ball the harder and farther you can hit it. Mass X O.G. Handle = PERFECTION 

Why Axe? 

When I was looking for a new bat company, I wanted a company that had great customer service, great products, and a team that listened to the pros and clientele’s opinions. With this Axe team, that is exactly what I got. Axe has included us in their engineering conversation, and we now have a wide variety of bats, with different options. Our customers and pros are ecstatic about the new line product. Not to mention the leaders of this company who are down-to-earth great people and will do whatever is needed to help. 

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