JUST IN: Introducing The Lightest Axe Bat Ever Made For USA Baseball, The Drop-11 Elite One Hyperspeed

JUST IN: Introducing The Lightest Axe Bat Ever Made For USA Baseball, The Drop-11 Elite One Hyperspeed

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  • New drop-11 USABat, Elite One Hyperspeed L192J
  • Our lightest USABat model ever
  • One-piece MX8™ Alloy construction with variable-wall barrel
  • New Youth Axe Handle sized for younger hitters
  • Available in 26"-31" sizes

We introduced a new bat this week that our team has been working hard on for more than a year.

It's the lightest USABat model we've ever made, a drop-11, and we're pretty excited about it. We can't wait for you to swing it.

But a lot has changed in the past six weeks and it feels odd not to acknowledge that.

We know that many of you are struggling. You're facing challenges that just weeks ago would have been hard to imagine. We understand. We're in this together.

We also know that we need sports, perhaps more than ever.

And sports being what we do, allow us to share a little more about what our team has been up to with this new bat.

It's called the Elite One Hyperspeed. Like we said, it's a drop-11, the lightest we've ever certified for USA Baseball. That's big because it means a lot more youth hitters will be able to experience the benefits of swinging an Axe Handle.

"It's for the masses," said Brent Weidenbach, our Director of Product. "And potentially one of our most popular bats given its size, weight, and price point."

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To achieve the lighter drop weight, our development team focused on improving our variable-wall machining process. Specifically, removing and redistributing weight along the length of the barrel to optimize performance, durability, and feel.

That optimization produced a larger sweet spot and a ring-free barrel that performs more consistently at all points, said Senior R&D Manager Blair Ellington, who led the development effort.

"The biggest thing with the Elite One Hyperspeed is that we've drastically improved our machined variable-wall techniques," Ellington said. "And that process is giving us bigger sweet spots and lighter bats."

Adding our new Youth Axe Handle with lighter components also contributed to the weight savings. The new handle is sized more appropriately for a child's hand, making it slightly smaller and more effective in helping youth hitters achieve better barrel control, grip stability, and bat speed.

Ellington added that the overall weight savings were realized without altering the size of the barrel, which closely mimics Mookie Betts' 2.5-inch speed profile, and will be familiar to fans of our Hyperspeed youth series.

Additionally, the Elite One Hyperspeed comes with our sleek, second-generation HyperWhip End Cap made of lightweight carbon fiber, and Endogrid, our vibration-dampening technology, built into the handle.

"It's truly a bat built with the player in mind," Ellington said, "all the way from the hands to the weight distribution to the (barrel) performance."

The Elite One Hyperspeed L192J is available now on our website in 26"-31" sizes for $199. As with all our new, non-wood and non-wood composite bats, it's eligible for our 30-Day Guarantee, meaning you can use it as you would your normal game bat and if you're not completely satisfied after 30 days, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

We hope to see you on the field again soon. Until then, stay healthy, stay well, and keep swinging.