Axe Bat's Slowpitch Handle Advantage

Axe Bat's Slowpitch Handle Advantage

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  • Axe Handle designed specifically for slowpitch players
  • Flattened bottom angle and lessened side hook to accommodate alternate slowpitch grips
  • More comfortable for all types of grips than a traditional round knob

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"Slowpitch was a really different animal. We determined early on that it was going to require some unique design attributes.

So what we wanted to do was come up with a handle that was going to work well -- not only for the slowpitch swing -- but was going to give players advantages with all the different grip styles (used in the game).

So the biggest difference you'll notice is we flattened the angle (of the bottom) just a little bit.

We also took away some of the hook from the side (of the handle).

This was so when a player moves their hand down over the knob, they don't have the same protrusion going into their palm that they would with a standard Axe Handle, or much more significantly, with a round knob."