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The Axe Bat Advantage: Training Hand Path And Getting On Plane Sooner

Posted by AxeBat US Admin on

Raul Ibanez, 19-year Big League veteran, says swinging an Axe Bat can help you develop a better hand path and get on plane sooner.

Find the Axe Bat that's right for you.


 "(The Axe Handle) makes sense to me because it cocks this bottom hand, and it puts this bottom hand in a cocked position.

So the moment you put it in (your hand), it feels perfectly comfortable and it fits almost in a perfect slot.

With a cocked bottom hand, I think that you achieve a better connection between your back hip and your hands. It actually promotes the correct hand path, and what it also does is it helps you get on plane a little bit sooner.

I love this handle and it's a unique and special thing, but it also could be something that helps your performance."

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