Designing Barrels For Axe-Handle Hitting

Designing Barrels For Axe-Handle Hitting

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  • Axe Bat barrels are designed to be hit on one side
  • Our Engineered Hitting Zone uses technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques to improve durability and performance
  • Knowing where impact will occur on a barrel is a huge engineering advantage we have over traditional round-knob bat makers

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"The reason the Axe Bat has better durability than other bat companies is because we have an Engineered Hitting Zone.

We're able to use materials science to come up with barrel constructions that are designed to be hit in one spot. That's a huge advantage. It allows us to key in on wall thickness for technologies like (Power Gap) or Plus-Plus that put hotter materials that are going to hold up longer in the hitting zone; and it allows us to shave off unnecessary weight in the parts of the bat that are never going to meet the ball.

The 360-degree-designed barrel that a round knob bat has is an inferior design. Those bat makers have to make a barrel that can take an impact from any direction -- and that weakens the design of the overall barrel.

On an Axe Bat, we know exactly where you're going to hit the ball. We have a hitting face and a non-hitting face. This lets us design technologies that leverage the non-hitting side and make the hitting face more powerful, more durable, and gives it more pop.

Engineered Hitting Zone

We have a suite of technologies that we use for carbon fiber, for fastpitch, slowpitch, alloy bats, that takes advantage of that Engineered Hitting Zone so that the bat has more durability.

As an engineer, it's a huge advantage to know which direction a force is coming from. It allows you to plan for it and design a barrel that's going to handle that force in the best possible way."