The Axe Handle: It's All About The Feel

The Axe Handle: It's All About The Feel

AxeBat US Admin |

Raul Ibanez, 19-year Big League veteran, says the Axe Handle "makes sense" from the moment you pick it up. 

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"You spend your entire life swinging a round-knob bat, but when you put (an Axe Bat) in your hand and you feel the way that the grip is on the bottom hand, it makes sense.

You immediately put the bat in your hand -- you feel it, it makes sense. Walk up to it in a store, put it in your hand. It will immediately feel comfortable.

Don't even look at it from the context of a bat you are swinging. Just put (the handle) in your bottom hand and hold it. You will see and find that it feels immediately comfortable."