🚨 Why The Round Knob Bat Is So Bad For Your Swing

🚨 Why The Round Knob Bat Is So Bad For Your Swing

AxeBat US Admin |

  • Not designed for the swing
  • Reduces your grip to two pressure points
  • Requires more muscle energy to hold and control
  • Interferes with your optimal performance

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"The problem with a round knob is that it was never really designed for the baseball swing.

First of all, your hand is not round when you make a fist.

Fist gripping round handle

When you clasp your hand, it doesn't make a perfect cylinder. When you put a knob on top of that, now you've reduced your grip to two pressure points.

If you look at the way a bat sits on your hand, you have two options:

You can put your palm up on the knob, but that puts your wrist in a really weak position relative to the bat and really shortens your in-plane rotation.

Traditional grip with round knob

Or, what most high-level players do, is they drop their palm down and rest it on the edge of the knob.

Alternative grip with round knob

Well, now you've basically reduced your grip to two points. The top of your hand touches here (about 4" up the handle) - then there's a gap - and the bottom of your hand touches here (against the edge of the knob).

You have to squeeze really hard to control the bat with just these two pressure points.

The Axe Bat, with its flush back side, says, no, we're going to take that knob off. We're going to give you a contiguous grip and allow you to transfer all that pressure while not having to grip the bat as hard.

Axe Bat back side

We loosen up the tension in your hands and we take that muscle tension that was used for gripping the bat and turn it into muscle power that's available for swinging the bat and generating more bat speed."

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