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Improve Barrel Awareness, Bat Speed, And Swing Path With The New Axe Bat Long Trainer

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  • 37-inch, 37-ounce training bat
  • Improves barrel awareness, bat speed, and swing path
  • Feel how your body and barrel move together during the swing
  • Guided training programs from Driveline Baseball

Buy the new Axe Bat Long Trainer now.


"This is the new Axe Bat Long Trainer. This bat is developed with Driveline Baseball and comes with 12 weeks of in-season and off-season training.

This bat is 37 inches and 37 ounces. The extra length forces the hitter to develop an efficient swing path to contact. The extra weight provides resistance so a player learns to accelerate the bat efficiently up to speed.

This bat is great for improving your swing path and your bat speed. It's great for high school, college, and professional hitters, available now."

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