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Introducing Alcorn State's Amari Ramsey, official Axe College Athlete. Amari starts at 3rd base for the Lady Braves. She was honored as the SWAC conference player of the year in 2021 and led her team in batting average (.300), hits (30), doubles (15), total bases (50) and slugging percentage (.500) last year. Let's welcome Amari to #TeamAxe. We are excited to see perform the rest of this season.

#10 Amari Ramsey

3B | Grad Student - Biology | 5-6 | Gulfport, MS | Harrison Central HS

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Get To Know Axe College Athlete Amari Ramsey

Amari Ramsey Interview:

Axe: Where are you from? What high school did you attend?

I am from Gulfport, Mississippi. I attended Harrison Central High School.

Axe: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up? Is he still your favorite player? If not, who is now?

I know this may sound weird, but I honestly do not watch softball or baseball enough to really have a favorite player.

Favorite baseball or softball team? Any level.

I admire Oklahoma softball team.

Axe: If you could hit a HR off one Softball pitcher, who would it be?

I would definitely want to hit off of Jennie Finch or Monica Abbott.

Axe: What do you love most about hitting a softball?

The thing I love most about hitting the softball is the feel. I love a good bat-to-ball feel.

Axe: What is your favorite Axe model? Why?

My favorite so far is the 2022 AVENGE PRO POWER GAP (-10). This was the bat that was sent to me. I like this bat because it gives me more control and bat speed. It also does not shock my hands when I hit it in the wrong spot. I wouldn’t mind trying the other bats though.

Axe: What music do you listen to while training?

I love to listen to more of up-beat rap when I’m training. I can also listen to Jhene Aiko when I train, which is weird because her music is more of slow R&B, but it’s relaxing and eases my mind.

Axe: How does handle give you more speed, control or feel better?

The handle I feel definitely gives more control. It helps with rolling your wrist. The handle gives you a weird sort of uncomfortable feeling when you roll your wrists. I think that is very helpful because rolling wrists is very common in softball.

Axe: What are the highlights of playing D1 Softball?

The highlights of playing D1 softball is the memories you make with the group of girls you play with. I would also say the accomplishments you make as a D1 player.

Axe: Biggest tip for kids aspiring to play collegiate Softball?

Work Hard. Never give up. Give it 110% every single rep. Never let anyone tell you can’t because you can. Never take it anything for granted.

Axe: What’s one hitting tip you would give kids?

One hitting tip I would give kids is to when you go up to bat, go up there with a plan and not to just free swing. Think of your favorite pitch to hit, and when you get up to bat only look for that pitch until you get two strikes on you.

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