Introducing Eckerd College's Tyler Young | Official Axe College Athlete

Introducing Eckerd College's Tyler Young | Official Axe College Athlete

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Introducing Eckerd College's Tyler Young, official Axe College Athlete. Tyler plays both infield and outfield for the Tritons. Let's welcome Tyler to #TeamAxe. We are excited to see his performance in the 2022 season.

#24 Tyler Young

IF/OF | FR | 6-1 | Eckerd College | 190 | West Bend, WI | West Bend West HS

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Get To Know Axe College Athlete Tyler Young

Axe: Where are you from? What high school did you attend?

I’m from West Bend, Wisconsin. I went to West Bend West High School.

Axe: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up? Is he still your favorite player? If not, who is now?

My favorite player growing up was definitely Ryan Braun. He won MVP when I was in 4th grade & was the star of my favorite MLB team, the Milwaukee Brewers, for years. My favorite current player is Nelson Cruz. I find that his swing is one that I can most relate to & apply.

Axe: Favorite baseball team? Any level?

The Eckerd College Tritons Baseball Team. I’ve never been part of anything else like it.

Axe: If you could hit a HR off one MLB pitcher, who would it be?

I’d pick Jacob deGrom…the best in the world.

Axe: What do you love most about hitting the baseball?

The beautiful complexity of hitting. Everyone sees hitting through a different lens & finds success with unique ideas/thoughts

Axe: What is your favorite Axe model? Why?

2022 Avenge Pro Hybrid. I love the feedback it gives me. 

Axe: What music do you listen to while training?

Usually Country, but sometimes Smooth Jazz. I think Jazz should be the official music genre of baseball.

Axe: How does handle give you more speed, control or feel better?

It’s much easier to grip. I haven’t had to worry about grip at all since making the switch. It’s also an extremely comfortable alternative to a traditional handle that helps me to stay online with pitch plane better.

Axe: What are the highlights of playing D1 baseball?

The game atmosphere is incredible, we’re a 35+ man family, & there’s nothing more fun than winning college baseball games.

Axe: Biggest tip for kids aspiring to play collegiate baseball?

Love the game, work smart, and develop a plan of action and stick to it.

Axe: What’s one hitting tip you would give kids?

Hitting a baseball presents you with an endless number of possibilities, counter this is by developing strong levels of awareness, control, and adjustability.


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