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Train With Mookie: At-Home Drills That Will Make You A Better Hitter (Part 2 of 3)

Posted by AxeBat US Admin on

Drill: Rocker

The rocker drill emphasizes sequencing and will help teach you how to properly accelerate all of the different muscle groups involved in your swing.

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To start, set up in your normal stance facing the tee. Without taking a stride, rock forward, then backwards, moving as freely as possible to generate momentum, before launching an explosive acceleration of your hips, shoulders, hands, and barrel through your swing.

Although you are constrained without a stride, your intent should be to crush the ball.

This drill also can be a good way of experimenting with different pre-pitch hand paths so you can discover your ideal movement pattern; finding your optimal hand path will allow your barrel to slot to a strong, powerful position.

Keep doing this drill, and combine it with the walk-through drill we shared earlier, and you'll begin to get a better sense of how important timing, sequencing, and rhythm are to building a better swing.

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