Introducing Northern Colorado's Lincoln Turner | Official Axe College Athlete

Introducing Northern Colorado's Lincoln Turner | Official Axe College Athlete

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Introducing University of Northern Colorado's Lincoln Turner, official Axe College Athlete. Lincoln plays Right Field for the UNC Bears. Let's welcome Lincoln to #TeamAxe. We are excited to see his performance in the 2022 season.

#30 Lincoln Turner

OF | SR | 6-1 | Northern Colorado | 190 | Sparks, NV | Reed HS

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Get To Know Axe College Athlete Lincoln Turner

Axe: Where are you from? What high school did you attend?

From Sparks Nevada, Attended Edward C Reed High School.

Axe: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up? Is he still your favorite player? If not, who is now?

Mike Trout was my favorite player growing up and still is because he has every tool you need to be a complete baseball player and he doesn't take any plays off.

Axe: If you could hit a HR off one MLB pitcher, who would it be?

Jacob Degrom

Axe: What do you love most about hitting the baseball?

What I love most about hitting a baseball is the way it comes off your bat. It's just a different feeling when you barrel a baseball.

Axe: What is your favorite Axe model? Why?

My favorite axe model is the 2022 Avenge Pro  because of how  balanced it is throughout the barrel and the way the ball jumps off the bat.

Axe: What music do you listen to while training?

I prefer listening to either old school rap, modern day rap, or country.

Axe: How does handle give you more speed, control or feel better?

The Axe Handle gives me a better feel and grip. I also like knowing that it helps prevent injury and improves my bat speed..

Axe: What are the highlights of playing D1 baseball?

My highlights playing D1 baseball hasn't been so much on the field but more importantly has been building relationships and connecting with the people around me throughout my playing years.

Axe: Biggest tip for kids aspiring to play collegiate baseball?

The biggest tips I have for kids trying to play college baseball are to never underestimate your abilities, always take advantage of opportunities you're given, and always play hard because you never know who's watching.

Axe: What’s one hitting tip you would give kids?

The main hitting advice I would give to kids is to always stay aggressive and to have great timing/rhythm at the plate.

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