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Thank you for completing the warranty submission form. Please Read to  understand the next steps.  

We have received your warranty claim and our goal is to process your claim within 3-4 business days but it can take up to 7 business days when volumes are higher. 

What To Expect When We Process Your Claim

You will be notified via email with instructions on how to return the broken bat to us. In addition to that you will receive a unique discount code for the value of your replacement bat. Please do not send your bat back without the Return Authorization form.

  • Your email will have your unique Return Authorization form attached as a .PDF 
  • Please print this Return Authorization form and apply it to the outside of the shipping box
    • This form contains our shipping address, your original order number, and returned product information
  • The email will contain your unique discount code for the value of your replacement model that can be used exclusively on Axebat.com
    • Example: RA099999

Discount Code Information

In order to best serve you, we are providing you a unique discount code that can be used 1 time, on 1 order, only on Axebat.com. The value of the code is the same as the value of the bat and will expire 1 year after we process your warranty. This acts as your singular warranty replacement and the bat(s) purchased with this code do not qualify for our 30 Day Challenge and are not covered with additional warranty. The code must be applied in 1 order and cannot be split into multiple orders over time so make sure to use the entire value of the code. We will not refund unused value. Promo codes cannot be applied to bundle offers.

Like many manufactures we are experiencing more demand this year and extensive delays in receiving replacement inventory for some models. By issuing you this discount code we are allowing you more flexibility. You can:

  • Reorder your replacement immediately if it is in stock
  • Choose a different model to replace the bat with
  • Apply the discount to an upgraded model
  • Apply the discount to new release bat in the future
  • Wait for your model to come back in stock and apply it then


Where does my discount code work?
Your discount code can only work on Axebat.com. However, your promo code cannot be applied to bundles.

Can I split my discount into multiple orders? 
No, the discount can only be applied to 1 order. Any value that is unused is voided and cannot be refunded.

Where do I put in my discount code?
Your discount code will be applied in the the cart. You can only apply 1 discount code per order so they cannot be combined. 

How much is my discount code worth? 
The discount that will apply is the same value as the bat submitted on your warranty. If you bought a $199.99 bat your code value would be for that amount

Can I use my discount on anything? 
Mostly. Discounts will not work on bundled items but will work on everything else. Items purchased with the discount code will not qualify for the 30 Day Challenge or be covered under an additional warranty. 

When can I use my discount code?
Your discount code will be active when you receive it and valid for 1 year from the date we processed your warranty. 

Can I have a refund instead?
No, we cannot offer a refund. We honor our warranties from all of our authorized dealers, not just Axebat.com. 

Can I buy a 30 Day Challenge bat with the discount code?
You can buy any model year you want with the code but the bat(s) purchased using your discount code do not qualify for the 30 Day Challenge returns. 

Is my new bat covered by warranty? 
The bat(s) purchased using the discount code act as your singular warranty replacement so they will not be covered under a new warranty.